What our clients are saying

Kent New York absolutely exceeded our expectations. My fiance and I researched a few different places before finding Kent New York. We immediately felt comfortable and knew we were in good hands when we met Michael and staff.

Michael and staff not only made our experience memorable, but he really listened to what my fiance and I wanted in a ring and brought our vision to life. After our first consultation, my fiance and Michael designed the most beautiful and perfect engagement ring I could have ever dreamed of.

Our engagement was so special thanks to Kent New York – we are looking forward to picking out our wedding bands in the future! Highly recommended. Everyone that sees my ring compliments me and that is definitely because of Kent NY. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Rachel P. (Randolph, NJ)

Absolutely amazing service and quality! I bought my engagement ring here with Nick’s help. I spent weeks shopping online and going to other stores in the area. I am meticulous and had 20 different shops with individual notes, prices, pics, and comments that I made while searching. Nick was intensely patient and informative.

1. They have a good sense of humor there which helped ease my nerves.
2. Very patient and nice. They didn’t pull that “Well, it might not be here tomorrow” like some other shops.
3. The price was excellent! They were comparable to online shops but I actually get to see it without waiting days for it to get mailed out to me.
4. The diamond was of exquisite quality. People buying online, won’t see the quality in pictures ( I tried taking pics and it’s not as nice)

Lyndon L. (Jersey City, NY)

Let me tell you these men are my next favorite men next to mine!!!! I have nothing but the best pieces and receive nothing but compliments on every one of them.  I live in Philadelphia and will make a special trip up there for anything…. We have taken 10 different people up to them who all in the end have ended up with engagement rings plus others that have ended up with other pieces.  I wouldn’t go anywhere else this place is a must go!!!!! Greg, Nick and Mike are awesome they are truly like family since I have now been using them for almost 15 years!!!! Best trip to see them was seeing my son get his engagement ring from them.  Let me tell you he was able to get the most amazing ring and stunningly sparkly as all there diamonds are!!!!! This place is truly a must before you take the plunge somewhere else.  Trust me if you do it won’t be like what you can get from these three men!!!! KENT JEWLERS A MUST!!!!!

Colleen R. (Thornton, PA)

I'll buy you a diamond ring...flawless.... has worth beyond the compare.